Robert Rand z USA członkiem Europejskiego Centrum Bezpieczeństwa

Robert Rand z USA członkiem Europejskiego Centrum Bezpieczeństwa

Miło nam poinformować, iż do elitarnego grona expertów Europejskiego Centrum Bezpieczeństwa dołączył Robert Rand - weteran armii amerykańskiej. Planujemy wiele wspólnych specjalistycznych szkoleń z zakresu bezpieczeństwa publicznego i osobistego.


Who is Robert Rand?

My name is Robert Rand, I am a husband and father. I started my training when I was 18 years old in the United States Army. In 2003 I was deployed to Iraq for start of the war, and spent about a year there. The next several years of my military carrer I became an Instructor. While as an instructor I was with a unit that traveled all over the United States, and other areas to train military personnel, Department of Defense contractors. I have always loved hand to hand combat, and found a passion for teaching. I began my training in Krav Maga in 2011, and began teaching Krav Maga in 2012. In 2016 I opened my own Krav Maga studio to help people stay safe. From when I was young, there has always been a huge part of me that wants to protect people, from my time in the Army to my time teaching Krav Maga it is my main focus of giving my students the absolute best training to keep them alive. Currently I am Expert 2 in Krav Maga, and an Instructor for Military members. I believe that Krav Maga is a family, we must all work together to keep this art true and always strive to be our absolute best!